Welcome to Sampoorna Jansamadhan kendra

Sampoorna Jansamadhan Kendra has joined hands with India’s biggest banks like HDFC, ICICI Bank and recently IDFC Bank to deliver a host of banking, finance, loan, insurance and money transfer services across the country.

We aim to become the leading provider of financial inclusion services in rural India and enhance the lives of everyone we touch by leveraging technology to deliver mainstream financial products to the masses.Kiosk banking, money transfer services, benefits transfers – pensions, subsidies etc, micro-loans and micro-insurance are some of the financial services that we aim to deliver to our customers in an efficient, simple and cost effective manner.

By partnering with NSDL to deliver mainstream financial services to the financially excluded and un-banked population using kiosk banking technology, Sampoorna Jansamadhan Kendra is the fastest growing company in the Business Correspondent industry in India.


Sampoorna Jansamadhan Kendra has deployed its robust and advanced platform to many retailers across the country and provided them with  kiosk banking as well as Sampoorna Jansamadhan Kendra’s proprietary single point GST/ADHAAR/PAN CARD centers.

This bundling of services has been the Company’s greatest strength as it allowed us to surpass our competitors, even after being a late entrant, as it enhances the retailer’s viability and efficiency .

Sampoorna Jansamadhan Kendra Money Transfer Service promises to contribute greatly to the mobile payments sector as it is connected to 100+ banks on IMPS, by NPCI.

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